The histopathology section provides diagnostic capability on surgical specimens.

Type of biopsies

  • Small biopsies including endometrium, cervix, skin, oral biopsies etc.
  • Endoscopic biopsies including gastrointestinal, bladder and bronchoscopic specimens
  • Excision biopsies of lesions like anal polyps, cysts, moles etc.
  • Large resections like wide local excisions of breast lumps, soft tissue tumors etc.
  • Large specimens (whole organ) like uterus, placenta etc.

Turn-around time

  • Small biopsies (72 hours)
  • Large specimens (4-5 days)
  • Oncologic diagnosis with immunohistochemistry (5-7 days)

Synoptic reporting

Ancillary techniques

Slide scanning facility

  • For providing whole slide scan
  • For cross-referral

Histopathology involves the gross and microscopic examination of diseased tissues removed at surgery. The tissues include small tissues like endoscopic biopsies, skin lesions, wide resections of tumors or entire organs eg. uterus. Dow Diagnostics offers immunophenotyping of cancers for diagnostic accuracy, prognostication and prediction on cancer tissues