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Welcome to Dow Diagnostics

Dow Diagnostics has College of American Pathology (CAP) Accreditation and offers state of the art laboratory services. Our innovations have led to increased proficiency in the processing of specimens.

Who We Are

We are a comprehensive pathology and diagnostic testing center of choice for providers who value patient-centered care. A team of qualified & certified American doctors brought state of the art technologies to Dubai Health Care City (DHCC)

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    Use our Comprehensive Test Directory which display listings of all frequently ordered tests performed at our Central Reference Laboratory in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)
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  • Cytopathology

    Cytopathology is a diagnostic technique that examines cells from various body sites to determine the cause or the nature of disease. The PAP test (cervical smear), fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) of masses like cancers and fluids from body cavities comprise the main specimens on which cytologic diagnosis is made.

  • Flow Cytometry

    Flow cytometry reports on immune-labelled haemopoietic cells to identify their origin and cytogenetic abnormalities to enable accurate diagnosis and typing of leukaemia and lymphoma. Dow Diagnostics is one of the few national laboratories that can offer cancer cytogenetics, molecular genetics and 8-color flow cytometry services in one location.

  • Histopathology

    Histopathology involves the gross and microscopic examination of diseased tissues removed at surgery. The tissues include small tissues like endoscopic biopsies, skin lesions, wide resections of tumors or entire organs eg. uterus. Dow Diagnostics offers immunophenotyping of cancers for diagnostic accuracy, prognostication and prediction on cancer tissues.

  • Immunology

    Immunology is branch of medicine and biology that covers all aspects of the immune system including its development, anatomy functions and malfunctions which are all relatively crucial to the analysis of human disease.

  • Molecular Diagnostics

    Molecular diagnostics is a collection of techniques used to analyse biological markers in the genome and proteome—the individual’s genetic code and how their cells express their genes as proteins—by applying molecular biology to medical testing.

  • Cytogenetics

    Cytogenetics is also known as chromosome analysis. It’s a kind of test that can identify numerical and structural abnormalities in chromosomes that can help diagnose certain types of leukemias, lymphomas and inherited disorders.

  • Hematology

    Hematology department of DOW Diagnostics encompasses most advanced, sensitive, and precise instruments and well experienced faculties enabling accurate and prompt diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies and coagulation deformities.

  • Immunohistochemistry

    Our Immunohistochemistry section provides a composite panel of immunohistochemical antibodies in use as diagnostic, prognostic and predictive markers in oncologic diagnosis. In addition IHC markers for specific infections can also be performed.

  • Microbiology

    Microbiology section of Dow Diagnostics Laboratory performs a wide variety of inhouse microbiological testing including Bacteriology, Mycology, Rapid Virology, Molecular Diagnostics and Parasitology.

  • Routine and Specialized Chemistry

    Clinical chemistry department offers routine to the highly specialized investigations. Routine chemistry is performed on a fully automated chemistry analyzer having a throughput of 800 tests/hour.

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